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Collaboration for innovation

Work with the pioneers of MOF commercialisation

Capturing the value of MOFs

MOFs are an exciting new platform material creating value for a diverse range of applications. Lean on our unrivalled and fully Integrated product development process to realise their potential. We fuse our decade of MOF know-how, patented processes, and rich engineering skills to forge a path from problem to product. Work with our experts, to identify, produce, shape, scale, test, and integrate MOFs for commercial use. 

Supporting the entire lifecycle of MOF technology development

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MOF Performance Screening

MOF Performance Screening 

With a library exceeding 100k potential MOF structures, where do you start?


We identify materials that show great potential and, crucially, a clear line-of-sight to scale-up.


Using our unrivalled MOF experience, we shortlist the Metal-Organic Framework candidates most likely to succeed for your application, ready for validation under real conditions. 

MOF selection and feasibility studies under real conditions


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MOF Refinement

MOF Refinement

From size agglomeration to reduction, we use our patented technology and unparalleled MOF synthesis experience, to shape, enhance, and fine-tune the physical properties of MOFs, making them better suited and more robust for your application. 

Making every nanometre count


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Agile prototyping

Agile Prototyping

The MOF material is only one piece of the puzzle.


Our team of engineers bridge the gap between material science and system integration to quickly build the minimum viable product needed to showcase MOF’s value creation.


Our design and development experience ranges from rapid PSA systems to sophisticated gas storage systems. 

Accelerating market adoption of MOFs


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MOF production in large commercial volumes at low cost

MOF Production

Our mechanochemical production process is ISO 9001 accredited and facilitates the synthesis of high-quality MOFs at scale with reduced environmental impact.


This enables us to bypass the high-cost barrier typically associated with Metal-Organic Frameworks, making them readily available in large commercial volumes at low cost.

Cost-effective and consistent MOF manufacturing at scale 


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