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World-leading MOF technology

The story

Our foundations are rooted in the breakthrough research developed by Professor Stuart James at Queen’s University Belfast. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve continued to innovate, establishing ourselves as a global leader in the MOF market.


We export to over 26 countries and have partnered with large multinational organisations. In 2016, we helped launch the world’s first Metal-Organic Framework product: TruPick. Hungry for more, our diverse team of experts continue to innovate and pioneer the MOF field, securing additional IP and new strategic partnerships.


MOF Technologies is more than just a MOF supplier; we are your end-to-end MOF solution partner.

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Our Vision

“Every person, everywhere, will experience an improved quality of life thanks to MOF-enabled products.”

MOFs will improve:

Air Quality

Food Availability


Digital Technology

Water Accessibility

Clean Air
mofs for fruit preservation
MOFs for bio-security
mofs for digital technology
mofs for water accessibility

... and many other aspects of our lives.

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IUPAC recognition

Named as key disruptive technology for 21st century by international chemistry body, IUPAC

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First company to commercialise MOFs

First company to bring commercial MOFs to market

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EU backed project partner MOF Technologies

MOF partner for 5 EU backed projects 

MOF Technologies employee meeting

Our Team

A diverse group of MOF specialists - meet the team that make it all happen.

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MOF Technologies Partners

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