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MOF Services

MOFs are a revolutionary product that could be as important to the 21st century as plastics were to the 20th. At MOF Technologies we are working with key industry partners to develop the commercial application of these novel adsorbents.

How We Work

We make every effort to fully understand and reveal the true potential of all MOFs, with a growing team of experts and state of the art facilities. We appreciate that every nanometre matters when it comes to maximising MOF performance, whether it be information regarding structure, strength, particle size, stability or sorption characteristics.

MOF Evaluation

At MOF Technologies we know MOFs better than anyone and are best placed to test our MOFs to their full potential. We appreciate that every nanometre matters when it comes to maximising MOF performance. Not only do we evaluate as part of our rigorous manufacturing process, we can also perform tests in which you set the targets. These tests include:

• Low pressure sorption, High pressure sorption, Dynamic gas breakthrough
• Characterisation (XRD, TGA, IR, SEM)
• Stability (under realistic conditions)
• Tensile strength.

We also can provide on-site consultation if you prefer to assess our MOFs in your own processing environment. In any case our evaluation will be underpinned by comprehensive data analysis and experienced insight.

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Proof of Concept

All great commercial products begin as an idea. At MOF Technologies we appreciate that the same will apply to future MOF based products and are passionate about finding the next big breakthrough. Our team of experts will help you to turn your idea into reality, whether it is big or small.

Using our unrivalled MOF expertise and extensive range of targeted tests, we can evaluate the feasibility of theories as a proof of concept before committing to more expensive and time-consuming development.

We have the capability to assess MOF functionality on many levels; from microscopic analysis of pore size to macroscopic analysis of sorption performance, stability, strength and integration with other materials.

To help you realise your ideas, we provide the following assistance:

  • Initial Consultation – Talk with one of our experienced R&D staff to assess the way forward with your innovative design idea
  • Testing – Discuss your desired objectives with us so that an agreed targeted testing procedure can be designed to fully assess your concept
  • Feedback – On completion of testing, receive constructive feedback based on our years of MOF experience, highlighting the potential of the MOF for future commercial applications.
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Customer Support

In addition to our world leading manufacturing and evaluation capabilities, MOF Technologies will provide you with both pre and post purchase support. Our dedicated support team will help you maximise the benefits from our MOFs by providing the relevant guidance regarding storage, handling, activation and characterisation.

Get the best out of our MOFs with guidance on areas such as

  • Shortlisting MOF selection for applications
  • Safe storage and good practices
  • Handling and transport
  • Activation to maximise performance
  • Characterisation, quality control and quality assurance.

Whatever the question, we will use our experience to provide you with an answer.

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Process & Product Design

Manufacturing MOFs is only the beginning of the journey to commercial application. MOF Technologies are dedicated to the pursuit and development of new solutions to address challenging real-world problems. We pride ourselves on our ability to take a systematic approach to translating desirable small-scale MOF properties into larger scale production for commercial use. We can even take this one step further by developing MOF based products for our customers.

To achieve this, an iterative two-pronged approach is applied. Firstly, our MOFs undergo dynamic testing on a pilot scale experimental rig, in which the effects of critical real-world factors are assessed with respect to sorption performance. Feedback from pilot scale testing is used to modify our patented kg scale mechanochemical manufacturing process, allowing MOF properties such as particle size and shape to be tuned, ultimately aiding in the optimisation of sorption performance. Once happy with your final adsorbent, we can then supply the materials in the scale that you require.

Innovation is paramount to progression, so we are not just limited to the use of conventional testing techniques. Our engineers can design bespoke gas phase and liquid testing processes to evaluate our MOFs under realistic environmental conditions. We can even take this one step further by developing MOF based products.  Combining our vast knowledge of MOF behaviour, reactor engineering and product design, it is possible to synergise the properties of products and maximise overall performance.

Collaborate with us to evaluate your product potential.

MOF Technologies takes great pride in working with customers to develop and optimise MOF production for their specific requirements. Constant interaction with the customer allows all aspects of the development process to be tailored, including green manufacture, solvent, specific physical properties, shaping formulation and hydrothermal stability.

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With the ever-changing MOF landscape there is always new information to be discovered. At MOF Technologies we focus on the cutting edge. We not only make it our business to know everything about our own MOFs. We ensure we remain up to date on all current developments in the MOF world.

Our many years of hands-on experience allows us to offer consultancy expertise across the following areas:

  • Compatibility (gases, material, conditions, lifetime, disposal)
  • Training and workshops
  • Commercial market knowledge
  • Costing and scalability
  • Product selection
  • Environmental conditions.
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