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Our New Research Paper: Towards MOFs’ mass market adoption

Read our latest journal paper on Faraday Discussions by clicking here, to understand how our expertise will unlock MOFs mass commercialisation.

This research showcases our end-to-end MOF development process which tackles all the market-entry barriers for MOFs.

Our flagship mechanochemical technology allows:

  • Synthesis and shaping of MOFs in one-step, low-cost process

  • Large scale production and mass customisation

  • Bespoke shaped geometries for MOFs

  • Customised Mechanical properties for shaped materials

  • Optimised Chemical Stability

  • Boosted Adsorptive Performance

While cost, scale of production, availability of shaped forms and stability were considered key limitations for MOFs, their true barrier for wide market adoption was the lack of performance data in actual conditions, as most research touched fundamental evaluation of MOFs under binary systems.

At MOF Technologies, we couple our expertise in MOF development and production with bespoke multi-parameter feasibility studies under realistic conditions to unearth the real potential of MOFs and their value-add for several gas storage and separation challenges.

Contact us to discuss how we can offer tailormade solutions to your gas storage and separation challenges.

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