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MOFT shortlisted for KTN Innovation Exchange Challenge

MOFs Tackling Energy-Efficient Climate Control At Sea

Brought about by ongoing issues with their current system, a large vessel operator is searching for a way to overcome a key operational challenge affecting the health and comfort of those onboard – climate control. Shortlisted from a number of applicants, MOF Technologies have been invited to pitch our proposed solution.

Excess carbon dioxide in indoor environments doesn’t just pose health concerns, it is also tricky to control. This is especially true at sea where simply opening a window may not always be possible.

An additional challenge with maintaining high-quality indoor air on the vessels is the significant environmental and cost impact associated with high energy outputs of current technology.

Our MOF-based solution is designed to overcome both of these challenges, delivering indoor air which is healthy and energy-efficient.

MOFs are paving the way for new levels of indoor air quality that doesn’t cost the Earth. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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