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MOF Technologies Named Top 10 Energy Tech Innovator

MOF Technologies Named Top 10 Energy Tech Innovator

We are pleased to announce that our Nuada carbon capture technology has earnt us a spot on the Energy Challenger’s list of top 10 innovators in energy tech for the Carbon Removal and Emissions category.

The Energy Challengers, an annual competition run by the industry-leading Energy Tech Summit, is judged by a panel of experts from leading corporations, venture capital, ecosystem builders and the event’s green media partners. Companies compete in seven main tracks contributing to the sustainable energy transition – Carbon Removal and Emissions Management, Digitalization, Battery, E-Mobility, Hydrogen, Automation & AI, and Future Grid.

Each year, ten finalists are chosen from an initial list of 70 start-ups to pitch their ideas to the panel. Winners will be selected for each category as well as one overall winner of the Energy Tech Challenger award.

Thank you to the Energy Tech Challenger panel for recognising the game-changing innovation Nuada is bringing to carbon capture and congratulations to the other finalists who have dedicated time and effort to curbing carbon emissions and to making the world a safer, healthier place for all of us.

Find out more about our industry recognised Nuada carbon capture technology here.

The three-day Energy Tech Summit will be broadcasted globally on April 26-28, 2022 on

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