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MOF Mythbusters

Over the years we have heard several common concerns regarding the use of MOFs. We've compiled some of our favourite MOF-Myths below:

1. MOFs are just too expensive.

False - Our patented mechanochemical process enables us to supply high-quality, shaped MOFs at ton scale. It allows us to bypass the high-cost barrier typically associated with the adoption of MOFs, making them readily available in commercial volumes.

2. MOFs are too sensitive to moisture.

False - Using our patented technology, we've successfully developed a new family of stabilised MOFs. These, once considered 'unusable' MOFs, are now unlocking new possibilities for gas storage, separation, and delivery.

3. You can't have an ultra-porous MOF in a robust shaped form.

False - Our innovative shaping technology enables us to supply mechanically resistant MOFs which are uncompromising on porosity. We’ve combined our expertise in MOF synthesis with our knowledge in adsorbent shaping to make MOFs widely available in an array of different shapes and sizes.

4. MOFs are interesting but won't work outside the lab.

False - As the first company to have bridged the gap between MOF science and commercial application, we continue to pioneer the MOF field. Today, MOFs are widely used in a variety of industries, from semi-conductors, power generation and cement production, to apple storage and respiratory protection.

Download the PDF version below:

MOF Mythbusters
Download PDF • 422KB

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