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MOF Technologies new partnership for the development of novel MOF-based CO2 capture technology

MOF Technologies announces the start of MOF4AIR, an €11 million H2020 EU project aimed at the reduction of energy intensity and cost of the CO2 capture process for the commercial deployment of CCS technology.

MOF Technologies has secured €800K to work along 14 partners from 8 countries to develop and demonstrate the performance of MOF-based CO2 capture technologies in power plants and energy intensive industries.

Power supply and carbon-intensive industries account for a large share of CO2 emissions. Shifting towards a low-carbon economy requires cost-effective carbon capture solutions to be developed, tested and deployed. Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) offer tremendous potential, owing to their large CO2 adsorption capacity and high CO2 affinity.

“We are excited to bring our state-of-the-art technology to the development of effective MOF-based CCS technology,” says Darren Mawhinney, CEO of MOF Technologies. “Metal Organic Frameworks’ unique properties, make them suitable for a diverse range of gas capture applications and MOF Technologies is recognised as the world leader in the commercialisation of these exciting nano materials.”

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