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First Day of Spring – A Time For Rejuvenation

This week marked the first day of Spring, also known as the Spring Equinox for North America, Europe, and Asia. This is when the Sun travels over the equator, moving into the Northern Hemisphere where we are then tilted towards the sun, providing us with longer daylight hours and an increase in temperatures.

Spring brings with it an overall freshness and a sense of rebirth. As we leave the gloomy winter days behind us, we begin to see nature come alive again. Trees and flowers begin to bloom. We notice more birdsong as they migrate back north, following the path of the sun.

Leo Tolstoy once said that Spring is the time of plans and projects, and we agree – with our freshly announced Nuada ultra energy efficient carbon capture technology, we are setting our plans to turbo-charge the path to net-zero in motion this Spring.

The inspiration behind the Nuada name itself is inspired by the rejuvenation of nature that we see during Spring and is rooted in Celtic lore. Nuada was a king renowned for his powers of healing.

Nuada was a king renowned for his powers of healing. His sword symbolised air and his name stems from old Celtic meaning “to catch”.
Nuada was a Celtic king renowned for his powers of healing.

His sword symbolised air and his name stems from old Celtic meaning “to catch”. With these connotations and our Belfast origins, we felt there was no better representation of our carbon capture technology than this mythical figure.

The rejuvenation of nature has been celebrated through many cultures and ancient traditions across the world. Take Loughcrew in Ireland as an example. Loughcrew, also known as Sliabh na Callighe (meaning Hill of the Witch) is home to ancient tombs from the 4th millennium BC. Even more impressive, is that only on the Spring Equinox, the cairns are illuminated by beams of light from the rising sun. This is no accident as its counterpart, the famous Newgrange which was built in the same era, is designed to be illuminated only during the Winter Solstice.

These impressive architectural designs from antiquity highlight how important the resurgence of nature was and is. Now more than ever, the revival of nature is paramount. As the effects of climate change become more and more prevalent, we must draw on our own ingenuity to help save and revitalise this planet.

Our Nuada CO2 removal technology is designed to help capture carbon dioxide before it reaches the air, mitigating the damaging effects CO2 emissions have on our atmosphere. The system is ultra-energy efficient, slashing energy use and costs by up to 80% and becomes a feasible solution for high pollutant industries, potentially saving billions in the process.

Past generations knew the importance of Spring and its symbolism of rebirth, and we believe that Nuada’s technology marks a new beginning in the fight against climate change and for the conservation of nature as we know it.

Find out more about Nuada carbon capture technology here

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