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Diversity – the intellectual and innovative spark of sustainable development

Diversity Day, otherwise known as “World Day for Cultural Diversity and Development”, was celebrated around the world this weekend. Proclaimed a holiday by the UN in November 2001, the idea for Diversity Day was born from the destruction of the Buddha Statues of Bamiyan in Afghanistan that same year. Since then, Diversity Day has become not only a day for celebrating the richness of culture but to highlight the essential role of intercultural dialogue for achieving peace and sustainable development.

We buy into this sentiment. Our own MOF Technologies team hails from all parts of the world including China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Ireland and the UK, and as we grow, we know we’ll be adding to this list! We’ve experienced the intellectual and innovative dynamism that our differences have brought to our MOF Technologies culture. This, paired with our drive to innovate for the future of our planet is the ‘fire-power’ that led to the development of our ground-breaking Nuada carbon capture technology.

We asked some of our team members how their background has influenced their interest in science, innovation and sustainability:

Dr Yuancheng Zhang, Development Manager, MOF Technologies
Dr Yuancheng Zhang, Development Manager, MOF Technologies

“My decision to devote my career to science and technology is down to two reasons from my childhood; one, I was told by my teachers in my primary school that only science and technology could save China. Secondly, both of my parents are aircraft engineers, so I’ve grown up surrounded by technology-related discussions. These experiences have developed my belief that science can help us shape a better world and that I can play a part in this.”

Rebecca Robinson, Process Development Engineer, MOF Technologies
Rebecca Robinson, Process Development Engineer, MOF Technologies

“Growing up, I was always a very inquisitive child, asking questions about everything and anything. This is probably why I had such a keen interest in science at school, which led to my choice to study chemical engineering and pursue a career in the field. A strong love of animals and the environment were also reasons for my career choice, which is why MOF Technologies was a perfect fit as our goal is to use MOFs to create a better life for everyone."

As we strive for Net Zero, our differences will be key to the sheer level of innovation needed to reach our goals. Furthermore, world and local culture will be instrumental in the fight against climate change through the protection of natural areas, safeguarding local knowledge, and supporting cultural institutions like World Heritage Sites, including the 257 forests under their protection that absorb 190 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

This makes our vast cultures, differences and ideas something to celebrate. Happy Diversity Day!

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