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It's British Science Week! 🥼 🧪 🔬

This week marks British Science Week and, being scientists ourselves, we are very excited to be joining this 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)

Science is such an important part of our life. It helps us understand and connect with the natural world around us, discovering how and why it works the way that it does. Fittingly, the theme for this year’s British Science Week celebration is growth. From plant growth to personal growth, growth is all around us, making it an excellent starting point for getting the next generation of budding scientists and innovators engaged.

Here are some of the fantastic activities put together by the British Science Association:

  • Investigate how nutrients in compost affect growth rate of seedlings: Page 11

  • Investigating urban nature: Page 26

  • Designing your own eco-farm: Page 30

Take a look at the British Science Week website for a full list of great activities for all age groups.

MOF Technologies celebrates British Science Week 2022
Some of the fantastic activities put together by the British Science Association include planting trees or flowers, investigating urban nature, or even designing your own eco farm

To us, this is what Science Week is all about and why this year’s theme is of special importance - encouraging the growth of the STEM community. Our young minds will be the researchers and innovators of the future and front-liners in our fight against climate change.

By motivating the appreciation for our natural world, the beauty and wonderment which we lose day by day, and by highlighting the importance of conservation and need for innovative intervention, we can help to develop young people into the next generation of scientists, engineers, inventors, and mathematicians that can give our planet a fighting chance.

So, let’s celebrate science and its devotees and let’s encourage our young people from all walks of life to have an interest in science and to pursue a better world for everyone and everything in it.

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