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MOF Technologies was the first company to bridge MOF science and commercial MOF application, bringing a safer and more efficient gas delivery system to the food industry. Lean on our leading-edge know-how and expertise to reduce the risk and cost associated with new product development. We'll combine our proven product development pedigree with our patented technology and MOF expertise, to help design and manage your path to product. 

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1. Pathfinding

We work with you on your technical requirements and feed them into our MOF design tool-box. This gets us started with a flexible approach to your MOF development program.

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2. Concept and feasibility

Path agreed, we conduct a low-cost feasibility assessment to quickly demonstrate the viability of your concept. We examine MOF functionality, from microscopic analysis of pore size to macroscopic analysis of sorption performance, stability, and strength. 

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3. Development

Concept proved, we prepare our MOFs for prototyping by tailoring and optimising their properties to your specific application. Our adsorption and material specialists will be on-hand for continued technical support during the new product development cycle. 

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4. Demonstration

Development optimised; we supply you MOFs in the form you need to validate the new technology and realise your MOF-based product.

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