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A snapshot and case studies from some of our previous collaborations. 

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Food preservation - the world's 1st commercial MOF application

We broke MOFs out of the lab and made them a commercial reality. Together with our partners we exploited the unique storage and delivery properties of MOFs to develop the latest generation of postharvest technology that extends the life and freshness of fruit and veg.

Air quality improvement - combining performance and strength

Bespoke robust MOF shaped articles for validation in our partner’s adsorption columns. We demonstrated the unparalleled performance of MOFs under real working conditions and applied our patented shaping technology to develop strong 2mm extrudates with no loss in porosity.

Commercial CCS Solution

Commercial deployment of MOF-based Carbon Capture and Sequestration technology in oil refineries and hazardous waste treatment industries. MOFs have an unprecedented affinity for CO2 and we are helping make MOF-based carbon capture technology a reality.

Mask filtration - new levels of protection

New class of MOF materials for the highest selectivity in toxic chemical removal. We doubled the protection time of our partner’s volume-constrained filters by in-house MOF development coupled with density optimisation.

MOF Membranes

MOF Mixed Matrix Membranes for energy-efficient CO2 separation in cement and steel industries. We are developing and upscaling MOFs with suitable sorption properties and fine-tuned physicochemical properties that generate improved gas permeability and selectivity when incorporated in polymeric membranes.

Efficient CO2 Recovery

MOF composites that combine unsurpassed CO2 adsorption capacity with optimised desorption energetics. We have developed a patent-pending MOF-based technology for efficient CO2 recovery from energy-intensive industries such as power, cement, and steel production.

Industrial MOF Production

Industrial production of Metal Organic Frameworks by a revolutionary continuous and environmentally friendly mechanochemical process. We demonstrated the cost-effective production of high-purity materials in powder and shaped form to be used in gas storage, heat pumps, health care and air purification industries.

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