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Ultra energy efficient
carbon capture.

Vacuuming CO2 out of flue gas

Nuada, by MOF Technologies, is the next generation of carbon capture technology, delivering energy efficient and cost-effective CO2 capture

We’ve harnessed the high-capacity, super-selective nature of MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks) and engineered our very own ultra-energy efficient system to capture CO2 from flue gas.   

By overcoming the energy and cost barriers that have long held it back, Nuada will make carbon capture commercially viable turbo-charging our path to net-zero.

Meet Nuada, the next generation of
carbon capture technology

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MOF Technologies' Nuada carbon capture technology is being backed by cement industry leaders, such as Heidelberg Cement, for the Global Cement & Concrete Association's Innovandi Open Challenge, to decarbonise the concrete value chain. 

Nuada provides ultra energy efficient carbon captureg

80% less energy

By using pressure instead of heat to release the captured CO2, Nuada cuts energy consumption by up to 80% versus state-of-the-art amine scrubbing solutions. This is achieved by combining mature vacuum swing technology with a novel high-capacity MOF material. 

Here’s how our Nuada system works

Nuada operates via vacuum swing adsorption, a separation technology that is widely used at commercial scale in the oil and gas industry. Nuada is a combination of proven, mature technology, and a ground-breaking sorbent material, applied to point-source carbon capture. 

Having pioneered the commercialisation of MOF-based solutions for over a decade, MOF Technologies has established an industry-leading, fully integrated process to product development. This know-how has enabled the in-house creation of the Nuada carbon capture technology, whilst simultaneous upscaling the MOF to tonne quantities.

How Nuda works


Having participated in multiple European Union-funded projects, aimed at delivering carbon removal solutions, we knew that the main aspect holding back the adoption of CCUS is energy-efficiency. We have now overcome this challenge using our decade of experience in producing, scaling and integrating MOFs.

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Unlocking billions
in savings

Due to the way that CO2 sticks to our Nuada MOF, our carbon capture system exploits pressure rather than heat to recover CO2. The associated energy saving of 80% creates considerable cost benefits.


Taking a cement plant as an example, using the energy benefit of Nuada versus an amine system, could create a saving of nearly $1bn across the plant’s lifetime.

Compact, modular, & high capacity

Nuada is a compact and modular carbon capture plant. It has been designed as a plug-and-play, easy to install, and flexible solution. The plant only requires a small footprint and is readily scalable to accommodate your capacity requirements.

The modular nature of this CO2 capture technology, combined with commercial availability of large-scale vacuum swing systems, will fast-track commercial deployment of Nuada. 

Nuada modular carbon capture system

An enabler for the green
energy transition 

Nuada will reduce CO2 emissions, by decarbonising highly polluting industries, and is a vital remedy to solving one of the biggest societal challenges we face - climate change. Our carbon capture technology affords a low-cost solution to decarbonising industries such as cement production, as well as enabling the transition to greener energy sources such as biomethane and low carbon hydrogen

A tailormade solution to carbon capture

Nuada’s unparalleled performance is driven by a MOF (Metal-Organic Framework), specially engineered to capture and remove CO2.

The MOF is comprised of bespoke chemistries that specifically target carbon dioxide and consequently have one the highest known capacities for the gas.

The Nuada MOF-based system is a game-changer in the race to combat climate change.

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