MOFs: new possibilities for gas separation, storage, and delivery

Metal organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a  new class of super-adsorbent. Their bespoke and flexible designs are creating new opportunities for saferhigh-capacity gas separation, storage and delivery. MOFs are already solving real-world problems, with MOF Technologies being the first company to bridge MOF science and commercial MOF application.​

Uncertain if MOFs are right for your project? We’ll help you find out quickly and cost-effectively.


Tap into the power of the largest internal surface area known to man.

MOFs are crystalline, highly porous, sponge-like materials that are used to capture, store, and deliver gases. They are made up of two components: metal ions and organic molecules known as "linkers". The choice of metal and linker allows us to control the selectivity and capacity of the MOF.


Engineered chemical forces for storage

MOFs’ unsurpassable high-volume pore network allows you to safely store gases such as acetylene that were once considered too unstable for high-pressure storage.


Features tailored to your product

MOFs are bespoke. That means we can engineer the specific structure of your MOF to separatestore, and deliver gases such as carbon dioxide, in a targeted way.


Gas targeting through design

The modular nature of MOFs allows you to selectively capture specific target gases such as methane. Their tailorable pore geometry and chemistry will help you achieve new levels of purity


Do more with less

These ultra-porous adsorbents (up to 10,000 m2/g) can offer unprecedented storage capacities, letting you store gases such as arsine more safely and efficiently.  

MOF Technologies pioneered the first commercial MOF application. We can also help you explore the benefits of MOFs for your product.

Gas storage

Benefit from high-capacity gas storage 


Do MOFs work in reality?

Metal Organic Frameworks may be a new technology but are already being deployed in variety of industries, from semi-conductors, power generation and cement production, to apple storage and respiratory protection. MOFs are being used to capturestore, and deliver gases such as: Ethylene, Arsine, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Formaldehyde and Ammonia.


Explore the benefits of MOFs for your application

MOF Technologies were the first company to bridge MOF science and commercial MOF application. We can also help you apply the benefits of MOFs to your product.

Unsure whether MOFs could solve your problem?

Get in touch with our experts to assess whether MOFs can deliver your goals. Our tailored feasibility assessments can help demonstrate your MOF concept quickly and cost-effectively.

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