Metal organic framework shaped

We shape MOFs

Using our patented technology, we can guarantee you a commercial supply of highly-porous, suitably robust, shaped MOFs - tailored to your application. 

Shape matters

MOF Porous material

Uncompromising on porosity

MOF shaping/forming processes are essential for developing new metal-organic framework products. Without careful shaping, process safety problems will arise due to gas channelling, pressure drop, and temperature gradients. Our innovative shaping methods allow us to avoid these issues, guaranteeing you a consistent commercial supply of highly porous, mechanically resistant MOF.

CuBTC Metal organic framework

Densify to amplify

We boost the working capacity of MOFs by supplying them in denser forms, letting you store more with less material.

Learn how we helped a partner increase storage capacity.

Tailored to your needs

We combine our expertise of MOF synthesis with our knowledge of adsorbent shaping to find the best, consistently high-performing solution for your application. Our MOFs are supplied in a variety of geometries, shapes and sizes.

How can our expertise shape your project?

Test, shaping and MOF synthesis

MOF Shapes

MOF Coatings

MOF Spheres

MOF Extrudates

MOF Granules

MOF Disks

MOF Powder

Other areas of expertise

MOF Production

MOF Enhancement

MOF Performance

MOF Technologies staff

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