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Unlocking the potential of MOFs for real-life applications

Our MOF adsorption experts evaluate MOF performance based on your conditions. That's why we know whether your product will perform in practice as well as in theory.

Real conditions

We examine the potential of Metal Organic Frameworks by evaluating them under real conditions. Our MOF adsorption experts' know-how and rigorous material testing mean we can design and implement your successful path to product, based on what we know works in practice. We use our MOF characterisation and custom-built application suites to conduct feasibility assessments​, optimise new materials, and provide ongoing application support. 

MOF performance in real conditions

Performance under pressure​

Use pressure to push the boundaries even further. Our MOF-based pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system allows you to perform gas separations that are simply not possible with other adsorbents and systems. Our PSA unit allows you to exploit the bespoke pore geometries and chemistries of our MOFs to kinetically separate your gas mix.

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Breaking through the barriers

Tired of the uncertainty associated with an isotherm? We’ll tell you how MOFs will really perform in your process. We determine real capacities and selectivities under the dynamic multi-component conditions you operate. Our application engineers work with you to help analyse, optimise, and realise your MOF adsorption system by establishing ​its sorption kinetics and energetics.  ​

Speak with one of our specialists to move your concept forward. ​

MOFT Background.png

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