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Are we the MOF partners for you?

MOF Technologies help innovative organisations unlock the power of Metal-Organic Frameworks for their application. As the pioneers of the MOF world, and with our proven and scalable solutions, we are uniquely placed to bring the game-changing opportunities of MOFs to your application too.


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1st commercial MOF product

Guiding our partners through our robust co-development process, we produced the world's first commercial MOF-based product, overcoming the challenges which have previously kept MOFs from becoming a commercial reality. 

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Developing MOFs since 2012 

With our unparalleled MOF expertise and technical team of 9 PhDs, we know what works and how to navigate the pitfalls of MOF development.

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Award-winning tech 

Our patented technology has won awards for innovation and sustainability from the most prestigious industry bodies.

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Unrivalled know-how & insights

We have spent the last decade discovering, testing, learning and bridging the gap between MOF science and commercial reality.


You can lean on us to harness the industry-changing power of MOFs for your product.  

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Tried & tested co-development process 

Focusing on reducing risk for our partners, our co-creation process guides you from problem to MOF product. As a first step, we’ll quickly and cost-effectively verify whether MOFs will make commercial sense for your application before continuing the development process.

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Used by blue-chip companies & institutions

MOF Technologies is trusted by some of the world’s most renowned companies and has been the MOF partner for 5 EU-backed innovation projects, including high-profile projects within Carbon Capture.

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Unique, patent-protected
ton-scale manufacturing

For Metal-Organic Frameworks to work in reality, you’ll need access to commercial volumes of material.


Unique within the industry, MOF Technologies have developed patent-protected processes and technology to produce consistent, high-quality, low-cost, bespoke MOF material at a ton scale.

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Environmentally conscious patented production technology

MOFs have the power to help us tackle some of the biggest environmental challenges of today. However, heavy use of solvents in the traditional MOF production process has detracted from the green credentials of Metal-Organic Frameworks. We’ve fixed that with our patented mechanochemistry process.

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