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Make every nanometre 

We use our unparalleled MOF synthesis experience to enhance and fine tune MOFs for industrial application.

Getting the most out of MOFs



Our patented mechanochemical process allows us to control the particle size of our MOFs. We can produce Metal Organic Frameworks with particle sizes less than 20nm, making them suitable for emerging applications such as membrane separation, sensors and biotech.


Our range of MOF composites enhances the thermo-physical properties of MOFs. This significantly improves desorption rates, minimises cycle times and boosts selectivity, giving you an even more efficient and productive MOF-based adsorption system.

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MOF Molecule


Using our patented technology, we have successfully developed a new family of stabilised MOFs, unlocking new potential applications. We have the technology and experience to tailor the physicochemical properties of MOFs to suit your application. ​ 

Metal organic framework stabilised
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