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At MOF Technologies we are focused on stretching boundaries and breaking down the barriers preventing the innovation of MOFs. We are the world’s first MOF provider to successfully commercialise its research, with a multi-disciplinary team of MOF experts working at the forefront of their field. Our extensive R&D and production facilities work in tandem to deliver tailored solutions for specific industrial problems and unearth new applications for MOFs.

Our extensive experience and breakthrough research enable us to develop a MOF for any industrial challenge you are experiencing which we can provide in any scale, from gram to tonne.

Application Development

Challenging real-world problems require innovative solutions. By collaborating with market leaders in purification, separation, gas storage, catalysis and sensing applications, not only have we been able to identify gaps in the market for more effective adsorbents, but we have been able to take our MOFs from initial concept through to production. By working closely with industrial partners, we’ve advised on and engineered integrated adsorbent solutions at market competitive prices.

Post Harvest

MOF Technologies partnered with a leading fruit and vegetable storage provider to identify and deliver the ideal MOF required for a novel food application known as “Post Harvest,” the next generation in storage provision for selected fruits and vegetables for postharvest freshness management. The MOF is central to the effective control of naturally occurring, but unwanted, ethylene – often found when storing and transporting fruits and vegetables.

NH3 Respirator

MOF Technologies have demonstrated the potential utilisation of one of our tailored MOFs for superior ammonia adsorption in respiratory protection. Our new MOF MTA16 provides a 50% improvement in capacity compared to respirator grade activated carbon and has excellent protection against hydrothermal ageing.

Materials Development

At MOF Technologies we have an established portfolio of MOFs that we can provide in any scale, from gram to tonne. We are also working on the cusp of innovation and are both dedicated and well-equipped to develop our MOFs to meet your needs, whether this be enhancing our current MOFs or developing new MOFs to your specifications. Through a combination of production processes, we can increase what is possible using MOFs.

Performance Assessments

Any innovative materials developed by MOF Technologies undergo physical characterisation and rigorous performance assessments in our Innovation Lab for strength, stability and sorption capabilities.

Intellectual Property

MOF Technologies offers invaluable MOF know-how gained over 10 years’ experience in MOF development. In addition, MOF technologies holds patent-protected mechanochemical manufacturing processes (both batch and continuous methods) that allow the accelerated synthesis of MOFs using little or no solvent.

MOF Technologies’ granted patents around the efficient and environmentally friendly approach to synthesise MOFs cement our position as world leaders in this space.
Furthermore, MOF Technologies continues to be at the forefront of MOF development with additional IP developed around the optimisation of MOF production and its post processing.

Case Studies


MOF Technologies have received a grant from H2020 (European Collaborative NMPB projects) to accelerate the industrialisation of hybrid nanoporous materials in Europe by developing reliable production methods of MOFs and hybrid aluminosilicate powders including activation and shaping processes.

Innovate UK

MOF Technologies received a grant from Innovate UK to investigate the use of MOFs for commercial use in heat exchangers. We developed a MOF-based coating for heat exchangers to be used in Adsorption Heat Pumps which could save up to £300m/year and reduce CO2 emissions by 2.2 MT/year in the UK alone.


MOF Technologies received a grant from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to develop and prototype a new energy and cost-competitive dry separation process for post-combustion CO2 capture based on MOFs and Graphene Oxide nanostructures. The project is due to complete in March 2020.


MOF Technologies are working on a European project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to research MOFs and IPOSS (polypossimide hybrid organic-inorganic materials) to develop mixed matrix membranes that capture at least 90% of CO2 for use in the cement and steel industry.