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Hydrogen Economy

The climate crisis highlights the need to not only abate carbon emissions through CCUS strategies, but also break our dependency on fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is a "carbon-free" clean fuel with high energy density that will be the chief protagonist in our quest towards Net Zero and a more sustainable future.

The two prioritised areas for the exploitation of hydrogen fuel are Transportation and Domestic Heating, which account for 40% of global carbon footprint.

However, key technical challenges are present along the value chain (Low Carbon Production, Purification, Storage and Gas Transport) which require innovative solutions to accelerate growth of the hydrogen economy.

MOFs create new possibilities for hydrogen purification, storage and delivery.


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MOFs: the master key for Hydrogen Energy

MOFs are revolutionary adsorbents that enable the creation of innovative technologies which overcome key technical challenges present along the hydrogen value chain. MOF-based technologies will accelerate the integration of Hydrogen into the energy mix.

Due to their tailorable nature, MOFs present a highly selective capture media for common hydrogen impurities. MOFs can purify hydrogen mixtures by targeting the removal of by-products such as methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.  For example, MOFs can enable the production of low cost, low carbon, blue hydrogen by removing CO2 from traditional steam reforming processes. MOF-based hydrogen purification can also yield an ultra-pure supply of hydrogen demanded by end-use as Fuel cell Vehicles, independent of source.

The combination of near-infinite pore chemistries with record-breaking porosities is facilitating the development of disruptive high volumetric and gravimetric capacity hydrogen storage solutions. Large volumes of hydrogen can be safely stored and delivered at considerably lower pressures - a gamechanger for hydrogen transportation and extending the driving range of H2 fuelled vehicles.


MOFs are an integral component in helping to unlock the hydrogen economy and help transition to cleaner energy sources.

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Our Role

Aligned with our vision to improve people's quality of life with MOF-enabled products, we combine deep MOF knowledge with our patented gas adsorption technology to develop innovative hydrogen storage and purification solutions that will help enable the transition to cleaner energy sources.


Our end-to-end MOF development process will help realise the huge potential of MOFs to purify and store hydrogen and will help create a more sustainable tomorrow.

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