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We are MOF Technologies

MOF Technologies take innovative organisations from ideation to commercialisation using our proven MOF development expertise and patented technology. MOF Technologies helps design and manage your path from problem to high performing MOF product, in a low risk, cost effective and scalable manner.

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World-leading MOF technology

The story

Our foundations are rooted in the breakthrough research developed by Professor Stuart James at Queen’s University Belfast. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve continued to innovate, establishing ourselves as a global leader in the MOF market.


We export to over 26 countries and have partnered with large multinational organisations. In 2016, we helped launch the world’s first Metal-Organic Framework product: TruPick. Hungry for more, our diverse team of experts continue to innovate and pioneer the MOF field, securing additional IP and new strategic partnerships.


MOF Technologies is more than just a MOF supplier; we are your end-to-end MOF solution partner.

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IUPAC recognition

Named as key disruptive technology for 21st century by international chemistry body, IUPAC

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First company to commercialise MOFs

First company to bring commercial MOFs to market

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EU backed project partner MOF Technologies

MOF partner for 5 EU backed projects 

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Our Vision

“Every person, everywhere, will experience an improved quality of life thanks to MOF-enabled products.”

MOFs will improve:

Air Quality

Food Availability


Digital Technology

Water Accessibility

... and many other aspects of our lives.

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Our Team

We are a diverse, determined and energetic team of problem solvers who love a challenge. Our team of materials and adsorption specialists use their practical know-how to help create innovativelow-cost MOF solutions to your gas challenge. Our executive team apply their proven commercial track record to quickly take you from problem to product.

Conor Hamill MOF Technologies COO

Dr Conor



Conor oversees our business operations, and is in charge of strategic partnerships as well as driving growth in MOF manufacture and application development.

Jose Casaban MOF Technologies CTO

Dr Jose



Jose is a true MOF expert with over 10 years devoted to MOF application development and commercialisation. He oversees all technical initiatives and coordinates all partner R&D projects.

Efstratios Stavrakakis MOF Technologies Business Development Executive

Dr Efstratios


BD Executive

Efstratios is our lead business developer and is central to managing our relationships with key partners. He’s a PhD trained engineer with particular experience in strategic project management.

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Amalie Lyneborg

Head of Marketing

Amalie is responsible for ensuring the right people know about the game-changing opportunities that MOFs could bring to their industries, bringing a  strategic approach to marketing.

Ciaran Coney MOF Technologies Performance Manager

Dr Ciaran


Performance Manager

Ciarán stewards our MOF performance program. He's a MOF adsorption specialist and holds a PhD in transient gas-solid charecterisation techniques. Ciarán helps our partners realise their MOF adsorption system.

Yuancheng Zhang MOF Technologies Development manager

Dr Yuancheng

Development Manager 

Yuancheng leads our new material development programs. He’s a PhD trained chemist with expert knowledge in mechanochemical MOF synthesis and has been central to the expansion of our MOF portfolio.

Diego Tufano MOF Technologies Production Manager

Dr Diego

Production Manager 

Diego co-ordinates our manufacturing operations. He’s a PhD trained industrial chemist who utilises his extensive experience in extrusion processes to deliver low-cost, high-quality MOF at ton scale.

Hamza Annath MOF Technologies Senior R&D Chemist

Dr Hamza

Senior R&D Chemist

Hamza is our MOF shaping and formulation expert. He’s PhD trained and brings significant industrial experience in the development and optimisation of adsorbent formulation processes from previous roles at Sud-Chemie & UOP-Honeywell.

Matthew West MOF Technologies Performance Engineer

Dr Matthew


Performance Engineer

Matthew is a chemical engineer, specialised in gas separation processes. His expertise in the design of gas separation equipment is complemented by his knowledge of gas analysis techniques.

Dennis Wong MOF Technologies Performance Engineer


Performance Engineer

Dennis has specialised knowledge in the physicochemical testing and characterisation of MOFs for a variety of real-world gas storage and separation applications.

Raul Pacheco MOF Technologies R&D Chemist

Raul Alberto

R&D Chemist

Raul has specific expertise in functionalising and controlling MOFs. He systematically investigates the properties of MOFs to tune their suitability for new industrial applications.

Tommaso Pellegrinelli MOF Technologies Performance Engineer

Dr Tommaso

Performance Engineer

Tommaso is the latest addition to our performance team. As an experienced researcher in catalytic and adsorbent systems, he brings his expertise in adsorbent characterisation techniques and performance testing.

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Our Board

Simon Henson MOF Technology Board Member

Simon Henson


A serial entrepreneur, Simon brings a wealth of start-up business experience. He began his career in the timber industry before founding a European travel operation and an international electronics company. His most recent venture was a data management business providing outsourced services to mortgage lenders. Having secured 50% of the UK market, the company was sold to MacDonald Detweiler of Canada in 2006. He has sat on government technology and IT committees and now consults on the development of SMEs and their preparation for sale or flotation.

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