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What are MOFs?

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a new generation of super absorbents. These pioneering, sponge-like materials have broad industrial applications because of two key attributes; tailorable chemical structures and record-breaking porosity. MOF’s tailorable chemical functionalities enable selective adsorption of gases and liquids simply not attainable by traditional sorbents.


Did you know?

MOFs have the largest internal surface area of any material that has been discovered. In fact, one teaspoon of MOF can have the same surface area as a football field.

Their large surface area is due to molecular sized holes whose pore size and chemical composition can be controlled during production. These tiny holes which make MOFs so porous, allow them to efficiently capture, store and release gases.

Where we come in...

MOFs are a revolutionary solution to key industrial challenges such as carbon capture, sustainable water recovery and gas separation.

At MOF Technologies we are continually developing new ways of exploiting these innovative materials. Our world leading manufacturing capabilities and projects with international companies are advancing the commercialisation of MOF's.

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