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Capturing the Future

Ultra-energy efficient carbon capture for a sustainable future

We  decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors through our next-generation carbon capture technology.


Our energy efficient and cost-effective solution makes carbon capture commercially viable and paves the path for zero emissions in industry.

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Nuada Carbon Capture Systems

Ultra energy efficient carbon capture technology for hard-to-abate industries.

Low-carbon cement production

Nuada for Cement Production 

Enabling low-carbon cement with the backing of  leading cement companies.

Vacuuming CO2 out of flue gas

We combine advanced solid adsorbents, named MOFs, with proven vacuum swing technology to enable the separation of CO2 from flue gas, using pressure rather than heat.

This heatless system represents a step change in innovation that slashes the energy penalty and the cost associated with carbon capture, the main barriers for mass adoption in industry.

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