MOF Technologies is committed to the promotion of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


We were therefore delighted that Zara Shiels, one of our research Chemists, represented the Company at a recent MATRIX NI event – Women in STEM.

Zara Shiels

“I’ve loved chemistry since 3rd year at secondary school – when my chemistry teacher told us about his previous career in the cosmetics industry I realised that chemistry was linked to a lot more than I had previously known about. I work in STEM because I love learning new things and making new discoveries.”

“The hardest thing about it is that there are long periods of difficulty when nothing will work, there will be experiments for weeks, months sometimes even years that won’t work. All of a sudden one day, something new will come to you, something you were missing or some strange factor and it will all work. It is so rewarding and exciting when you finally understand or achieve something you have been struggling with!”

This is a fine achievement for Zara and one that we are happy to endorse.