Barry was Director of the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre from April 2000 to 2014, managing over 250 research scientists involved in the design, preparation, and characterisation of nanoscale materials. Following his retirement, Barry remains as a consultant to the New Business Division of Johnson Matthey.

During his time at JM Barry managed a range of commercial projects. These included hydroformylation of high MW olefins, new electrodes for the chloralkali industry, and design of new reagents for solvent extraction. Barry previously worked for 8 years in the Biomedical Department and was responsible for JM’s UK Biomedical programme. His achievements include the design of Satraplatin an oral platinum antitumour agent; discovery of a new class of platinum compounds with activity against cisplatin resistant cancers; design of a novel phosphate binding agent now approved worldwide as Fosrenol; discovery of the anti-HIV activity of bicyclams and the development of a novel silver biocide, now supplied commercially to the market.

Barry holds a BA in Chemistry and a DPhil from the University of Oxford.

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