Bread from Air

Fritz Haber. Carl Bosch. Could be the named partners of a German law firm. Certainly, they do not have the mainstream ring of familiarity that a Thomas Edison or a Henry Ford enjoy. Which feels odd, since our intrepid duo arguably sustained and ergo created life – whereas Edison and Ford “merely” improved it. Who […]

MOF Technologies exhibits at Faraday Discussions

MOF Technologies recently exhibited at the Faraday Discussions; New Directions in Nano Porous Materials that took place in Edinburgh 5-7th June. The event was organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry. There were a number of academics and commercial attendees, and an interesting and informative discussion ensued.  

MOF Technologies R&D Innovation Lab

  MOF Technologies are embarking upon a new and exciting phase of development. Intent upon unearthing a new phase of development for MOFs, we have decided to open a R&D Test Lab. We believe wholeheartedly in the potential of MOFs and their potential in global applications. In 2016, we were the first Company to successfully produce […]

The Innovation Curve

MOFs have been around for roughly 20 years. As with all fields of chemistry, a lot of research has been undertaken in the intervening time – there are many types of MOFs, but how do they each perform under certain circumstances, are they commercially viable? All questions of great interest. In 2016, in collaboration with […]

MOF Technologies R&D Lab

“a family of miracle materials called MOFs have a bright future in products and technologies” – Royal Society of Chemistry Miracle Materials “Miracle materials” – pretty high praise, and from the Royal Society of Chemistry no less. Why are MOFs referred to using such superlatives? They are a very unique material that have been a […]

MOF Technologies Invest £1.2 million in New Production & R&D Facilities

  Major expansion plans will give us the edge needed to scale MOFs commercially, says CEO Further strengthening its position as the leading commercial innovator in the Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) space, MOF Technologies is putting in place the tools necessary for full-scale commercial MOF production. Made possible in part through financial support from the European […]

Fast Growth for MOF Technologies

MOF Technologies is delighted to have been named as one of Sonovate’s 50 fastest growing Companies. This is in recognition of fast growth potential following recent investment. This news is a significant accolade in recognition of the significant progress that MOF Technologies has achieved in recent months. MOF Technologies has recently invested £1.2M in advancing […]

Carbon Capture MOFs – Living in a Greenhouse

Carbon Capture MOFs – Living in a Greenhouse

Carbon Capture MOFs I went Skiing this year. Booked a flight to a traditionally snow sure alpine resort, and off we went. A potentially terrific holiday that was unfortunately missing one key component – snow!! Not even a suggestion of powdery white trails; an entire industry based upon reliance on a key commodity arriving annually […]

Collaborating with University of Limerick to develop Two New MOFs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

MOF Technologies will collaborate with University of Limerick to develop two new carbon capture MOFs. Carbon Capture MOFs We have agreed to develop, for commercialisation two MOFs from the University of Limerick (UL) designed to be highly selective for carbon capture and storage. In response to an EU-led initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across European member […]

MOF Technologies Featured in Northern Irish Entrepreneurial Blog TechWatch

There have been numerous reasons for MOF Technologies to be in the spotlight over the last 12 months. But a recent feature in Northern Irish blog, Techwatch, on the Belfast-based firm currently leading the world in metal organic framework (MOF) research, encapsulates just how good things have been for the Queen’s University Spin Out of […]