MOF Technologies is attending the Filtech 2018 Exhibition

Phil Patterson, Commercial Manager and Dr. Jose Casaban Head of R&D at MOF Technologies are attending the Filtech 2018 exhibition held at Cologne on 13th – 15th March. The event, showcases the latest filtration technologies and adsorbents developed by manufacturers across the globe. MOF Technologies will be showcasing our brand-new portfolio of MOF adsorbents for […]

MOF Technologies is delighted and honoured to be shortlisted for the FT Boldness in Business Awards 2018 by Financial Times.

The news couldn’t have come at a better time. The company is expanding rapidly to try and meet the increasing global demand for Metal Organic Framework (MOF) technology. Nomination for the FT Boldness in Business Awards 2018 recognises our achievements within nanotechnology and the chemical industry. Our leaders within the company have been thinking and […]

MOF Technologies granted key US Patent on the continuous mechano-chemical production of MOFs

MOF Technologies Limited is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent No. 9,815,222 on November 14th, 2017 which provides key IP protection for our unique continuous mechano-chemical synthesis of MOFs. This patent expands MOF Technologies existing patent portfolio and significantly extends the protection of the core technology for the manufacture of MOFs in a […]

MOF Technologies Professor Mike Zaworotko awarded 2017 Science Foundation Ireland Prize

Congratulations to UL’s Bernal Professor of Crystal Engineering Mike Zaworotko for being awarded the Science Foundation Ireland Researcher of the Year for his work in developing MOFs. Professor Zaworotko is a leader in the development of new MOFs for carbon capture, which MOF Technologies are commercialising for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Science Foundation Ireland is […]

MOF Technologies CEO to present at EuroMOF 2017 Industrial Workshop

Dr Paschal McCloskey, CEO of MOF Technologies, has been invited to present at the 2nd European Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymers. The event, organised to coincide with the Fraunhofer Workshop on the of 2nd November in Delft, focuses in on the importance of identifying scalable methods to manufacture industrially-relevant quantities of MOFs. […]

MOFs Could Tackle Global Warming in New Collaborative Genesis Project

Recent MOF Technologies press release that appeared in Business Wire. Experts have long warned of the dangers that increasing atmospheric carbon poses to the planet; from general environmental change all the way through to melting polar ice caps, floods, tsunamis. Now, a collaboration of European Companies and Universities could be set to develop a solution. […]

MOF Technologies Professor Susumu Kitagawa awarded 2017 Solvay Prize

Congratulations to Professor Susumu Kitagawa for being awarded the Solvay Prize for his work in developing MOFs. Professor Kitagawa has been on the MOF Technologies Scientific Advisory Board since 2012. MOF Technologies are overwhelmed with excitement to see Professor Kitagawa’s achievements being recognised in the chemistry world. MOFs are new class of materials with a range […]

CO2 – The invisible gold?

Ever wonder why gold became so important for mankind’s survival? The dogma behind using gold as a currency began in the Kingdom of Lydia, an ancient civilization centered in western Turkey. Its existence continued through Ancient Greece, the 1870s Gold rush, two World Wars, Vietnam War and now it’s used by most countries in the […]

Innovate or Evaporate

Northern Ireland has become synonymous with many technological developments over the past century. Defibrillators, pharmaceuticals and ejector seats for aircraft – to name but a few. Perhaps disproportionately to the size and populace of Northern Ireland, we have always punched above our weight. Something that is perhaps less widely acknowledged, is that Glen Dimplex, a […]

MOF Technologies features in the Guardian

MOF Technologies was pleased to be featured recently in a Guardian article discussing the potentially limitless benefits of MOFs. Our successful first commercialisation of a MOF for Decco Worldwide shows the capability of this technology to revolutionise sectors and change the commercial world as we know it. To read the article in full click here. […]