MOF Technologies is delighted and honoured to be shortlisted for the FT Boldness in Business Awards 2018 by Financial Times.

The news couldn’t have come at a better time. The company is expanding rapidly to try and meet the increasing global demand for Metal Organic Framework (MOF) technology. Nomination for the FT Boldness in Business Awards 2018 recognises our achievements within nanotechnology and the chemical industry. Our leaders within the company have been thinking and planning beyond the short term and our fantastic workforce has been helping to build a sustainable company in an industry where competition is tougher than ever.

We have cemented our position as the world leader in MOF synthesis and it’s a tremendous achievement to be nominated for this award whose previous winners include; Warren Buffet, Amazon, Travis Kalanick (Uber), Glencore, Apple and Samsung to name a few.

See the shortlist here.