MOF Technologies awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry industrial Placement student in 2016

MOF Technologies awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry industrial Placement student in 2016

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has selected MOF Technologies to host an industrial placement student in 2016/17. The scheme, which is administered by the RSC’s EnterprisePlus service, matches up some of the UK’s best undergraduate students with leading small and medium-sized R&D-led companies.

The placement will involve the development of novel Molecular-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) from the UiO-66 family. These Zirconium based MOFs have, to date, exhibited unique mechanical and hydrolytic stability, which mark them out as candidates for use in applications such as long term gas storage and capture of industrial waste heat. The project will focus on optimising the reaction conditions to enable solvent-free, continuous syntheses of these unique MOFs at scale. The student will gain significant hands-on experience in green chemistry, scale-up and continuous flow techniques guided by MOF Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer Professor Stuart James, along with seeing first hand the commercial application of fundamental chemistry techniques.

MOF Technologies CEO Dr Paschal McCloskey commented: “MOF Technologies is delighted to be awarded this prestigious Industrial Placement by the RSC. The placement student will be focusing on a key strategic priority for the company – the production and scale up of UiO-66 and will therefore be exposed to the typical challenges that MOF Technologies faces as it looks to commercialise MOFs. This will therefore be an unrivalled experience in an innovative SME for the successful candidate while also providing tangible benefit to the company”.

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