MOF Technologies Invest £1.2 million in New Production & R&D Facilities


MOF Technologies Invest £1.2m in New Production & R&D Facilities

Major expansion plans will give us the edge needed to scale MOFs commercially, says CEO

Further strengthening its position as the leading commercial innovator in the Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) space, MOF Technologies is putting in place the tools necessary for full-scale commercial MOF production. Made possible in part through financial support from the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 Fund, and Queens University Belfast, the team has acquired new production facilities and state of the art industrial-scale equipment allowing for much larger output from its unique patent-protected production process for MOFs. In total, £1.2 million is being spent on the new production and R&D facilities.

“We have so far demonstrated on the first MOF – CuBTC – and we will be rolling out a whole suite of scalable MOFs over the next two years,” explains MOF Technologies CEO, Dr Paschal McCloskey. The company has secured additional R&D facilities – based at the AgriFood & Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Belfast – where it will focus additional resources and expertise on the development of the next generation of MOFs that can then be transferred to the production facility for scale up. “This is a major milestone for a company working in a space as specialized as ours,” says McCloskey. “Getting to a point where our technology can be produced on a commercial scale gives us much greater scope for bringing MOFs to several new markets.”