MOF Technologies Announces World’s First Commercial Application of Metal Organic Framework Technology by Decco Worldwide at MOF 2016

MOF Technologies has become the world’s first metal organic framework (MOF) technology provider to successfully commercialize its research. Teaming up with leading fruit and vegetable storage provider, Decco Worldwide Post-Harvest Holdings, MOF Technologies identified and delivered the ideal metal organic framework required for a novel food application known as TruPick ™ postharvest freshness management – Decco’s next generation in storage provision for selected fruits and vegetables for postharvest freshness management.

Specifically, the metal organic framework provided by MOF Technologies is central to the effective control of naturally occurring, but unwanted, ethylene – often found when storing and transporting fruits and vegetables.

“Given just how competitive this growing branch of science has become, it’s a remarkable feeling to be the first to successfully commercialise metal organic framework technology,” says Dr Paschal McCloskey, CEO of MOF Technologies. “It’s testament to all the hard work everyone on the team at MOF Technologies and Queens University Belfast has put in up to this point. Particular mention must go to our CTO, Professor Stuart James, who spent a decade developing the technology which underpins everything this company has achieved thus far.”

Dr Paschal McCloskey will formally announce the news at the 5th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks & Open Framework Compounds (MOF 2016) in Los Angeles this month.

About MOF Technologies

MOF Technologies, a spin out company from Queen’s University Belfast, has developed a novel technique for the synthesis of MOFs, which is environmentally friendly, rapid and highly scalable, allowing cost-effective deployment of these revolutionary materials. MOFs are highly porous materials that can store, separate and capture specific gases. They have a range of high-value applications, including natural gas storage in vehicles, carbon capture, heat transformation processes and drug delivery. For more information, please visit

About Decco Worldwide Post-Harvest Holdings, BV

With fifteen operating entities around the world and over 90 years of experience in decay control, Decco, offers customized solutions and expertise in coatings, fungicides, cleaners, sanitizers, growth regulators and anti-scald products for postharvest and storage to producers of fruits and vegetables. Decco also provides equipment and services to packing houses including monitoring of fungicide residues, fungal assays and resistance management. Decco is part of the UPL Limited group providing seeds, crop protection, postharvest and other solutions to its customers.