The Innovation Curve

MOFs have been around for roughly 20 years. As with all fields of chemistry, a lot of research has been undertaken in the intervening time – there are many types of MOFs, but how do they each perform under certain circumstances, are they commercially viable? All questions of great interest. In 2016, in collaboration with […]

MOF Technologies granted key US Patent on the continuous mechano-chemical production of MOFs

MOF Technologies Limited is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent No. 9,815,222 on November 14th, 2017 which provides key IP protection for our unique continuous mechano-chemical synthesis of MOFs. This patent expands MOF Technologies existing patent portfolio and significantly extends the protection of the core technology for the manufacture of MOFs in a […]

MOF Technologies Runner-Up at CleanEquity Monaco 2013 Awards

MOF Technologies Runner-Up at CleanEquity Monaco 2013 Awards

MOF Technologies has been announced as runner-up in the “Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Research” category at the CleanEquity Monaco 2013 Awards. Held on March 7th & 8th at the Sporting d’Hiver Monaco, CleanEquity Monaco is an annual invitation-only event showcasing the most promising cleantech companies from around the world. MOF Technologies was […]

MOF Technologies Success Featured in Leading Academic Journal Nature

MOF Technologies was featured in an editorial from the most recent edition of the journal, Nature Chemistry. The article from one of the leading peer reviewed scientific publications focused on the significance of MOF Technologies recent successes in developing and commercializing the worlds first Metal Organic Framework (MOF) product which has placed MOF Technologies’ pioneering […]

Change of executive roles following significant commercial milestone

Since its inception in 2012, MOF Technologies (MOFT) has enjoyed a swift and successful journey from lab-scale proposition to a full-fledged commercial organisation. The company has achieved significant milestones, with a very strong technology and production base, and now needs to further increase its focus on sales to keep momentum. Recognising that MOFT has reached […]

MOF Technologies R&D Innovation Lab

  MOF Technologies are embarking upon a new and exciting phase of development. Intent upon unearthing a new phase of development for MOFs, we have decided to open a R&D Test Lab. We believe wholeheartedly in the potential of MOFs and their potential in global applications. In 2016, we were the first Company to successfully produce […]