Ever wonder why gold became so important for mankind’s survival? The dogma behind using gold as a currency began in the Kingdom of Lydia, an ancient civilization centered in western Turkey. Its existence continued through Ancient Greece, the 1870s Gold rush, two World Wars, Vietnam War and now it’s used by most countries in the world to defend their currencies during times of emergencies.

Fort Knox, is the home of the United Stated Bullion Depository. The old adage, “like Fort Knox”, is derived from the incredible layers of security with which the gold bullion reserve is protected. From tradable commodity, to a foundation of civilized society – gold became a standard for money due to its longevity, robustness and stability.

Is Carbon the “Invisible Gold”?

Likewise, carbon dioxide (CO2) can also play a pivotal role in our daily lives. It can be referred to as the ‘Invisible Gold’ rather than a greenhouse gas. Just like how gold was once considered to be an unreactive and futile metal, there is always opportunity.

How can CO2 be utilized?

Well, consider the example of Forest City. China has built an entire city covered in natural foliage –  to reduce atmospheric CO2, improve air quality and foster sustainable living.

Forest City is not an isolated example. City Tree, a mobile installation which removes pollutants from the air, has been popping up in cities around the world, including Oslo, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong. It uses plant moss to improve air quality in populated cities, reduce pollution, decrease premature deaths and improve the quality of life for many people and generations to come.

What if we could store CO2?

The use of next generation adsorbents such as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an exciting opportunity for continuing the growth and boom of ‘City Tree’ and ‘Forest City’ to create a carbon zero earth and reduce the greenhouse effect. Reducing CO2 can significantly improve cognitive function, decrease headaches, limit risk of dizziness and loss of consciousness.

MOF Technologies are leading the way in tackling carbon emissions through MOFs, the unique “miracle materials” that can trap and retain carbon. Our state of the art Innovation Lab has been exploring how MOFs can be used for carbon capture and storage.  At MOF Technologies, we have been thinking of how new networks and links can be used to connect CO2 from flue gas to the big cities across the globe, leading CO2 to being the Invisible Gold fuelling ‘City Tree’ and ‘Forest City’.

Photo Credit: http://edition.cnn.com/style/article/china-liuzhou-forest-city/index.html