MOF Technologies are embarking upon a new and exciting phase of development. Intent upon unearthing a new phase of development for MOFs, we have decided to open a R&D Test Lab.

We believe wholeheartedly in the potential of MOFs and their potential in global applications. In 2016, we were the first Company to successfully produce and supply commercially viable MOFs. These MOFs were an integral component of TruPick, made by US based Company Decco.

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With a team of 12 at MOF Technologies, we have the capability to synthesise our catalogue of MOFs to perform under a wide array of parameters – what’s more, we can now perform the tests for you, and provide you with data analysis.

The 5 tests that we will be conducting are:

This test is geared at those who want to enhance their product performance, but are unsure how – let us test our MOFs with your environmental parameters on a small scale, and deliver the analytical results.

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